Upscaled Face Textures for MP Male / Female V1.0

Upscaled Face Textures for MP Male / Female V1.0

This mod dramatically improves the appearance of MP Female and MP Male Freemode characters. It was achieved by upscaling their default textures from 512×512 to 2048×2048 using AI and then fixing graphical artifacts by hand in Photoshop.

It’s a better alternative to Improving All MP Female Characters Appearance by BAHO, because his mod just applies a blur filter to all face textures, making them lose all of their details. This mod upscales existing game textures, so all those small wrinkles and other face features are still there, but they look way better than in those vanilla 512×512 textures.

Installation is pretty simple, as provided file is a dlcpack that just needs to be added to your dlclist.xml.

1. Unpack folder from provided zip archive to Grand Theft Auto V/update/x64/dlcpacks
2. Open OpenIV and use it to open update.rpf in “Grand Theft Auto V/update”
3. Using OpenIV navigate to “update.rpf/common/data” and open “dlclist.xml”
4. Enable “Edit mode” and right click “dlclist.xml”, choose “Edit”
5. Add “dlcpacks:/upscaledfaces/” after the last object. Save and that’s all.


Rockstar Games for original textures, me for upscaling and cleaning them up.

Download mod

File File size
zip upscaledfaces 127 MB

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