USMC | Combat/Training/Slacks EUP(SP/FiveM Addon/Replace) V1.0

USMC | Combat/Training/Slacks EUP(SP/FiveM Addon/Replace) V1.0

Full List Of components
9 p_head (LWH goggles up, goggles down, M80 gasmask, LWH headset,NVG off and on,Panama Hat ,8 Point Cap ,Drill Sgt cap)
2 lowr (MCUU pants and FROG pants)
3 uppr (MCUU BDU unfolded and folded, FROG shirt)
4 task (3 Variants of MTV, SPC)
6 teef (6 GEARS)
4 accs 4(battle Belts)
3 berd (shemagh mask combo)
1 feet (Desert Boots)
4hand (4 backpack)

Set up for FiveM Addon and SP addon (READ HERE FOR REPLACE)
For conversion into FiveM Replace simply extract the components and props from SP Addon DLC and rename them accordingly.

Installation for SP are as follows drag the folder into dlc folders and add this line to the dlclist in (Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data) dlcpacks:/

Common Bugs For FiveM

GTA V has a hardcoded limit of .ymts file it can use hence if you are using too much addon packs it may cause a crash it is advised to either combine packs or replace components.

Try using the FiveM Pack with reduced .ymt numbers, but be aware that functionalities such as specific sounds haircut options for helmets will no longer be available and may clip through the hat.



Download mod

FileFile size
zip Stephen_USMC593 MB

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