Vagos Female [Add-On Ped] V7.2



-a trainer(enhanced native trainer recomended)

-And a custom “gameconfig.xml” file, if your game crashes at loading screen.


-Place “kustomvagos” folder inside:

-Then add this line(without quotes) : “dlcpacks:/kustomvagos/” inside dlclist.xml file
located in: “YOURGTAVFOLDER/update/update.rpf/common/data/dlclist.xml”

How to use:

-Open your trainer and spawn as model(model name: “vagosfe”)
-to enable heels elevation select lowr001(pants are located in teef slot).

ps: models are not sorted.

Known Issues:

-If your game crashes at loading, you may need a new “gameconfig.xml”, to increase dlcpacks size limit.

-You cannot spawn as this ped, using simple trainer(i dont know why) so use ent or my script to spawn as this ped.


-Thanks to Alex189 and Saldin93 for help.
-Alex189 made head/face rigging.
-Saldin93 made face textures and presentation pictures.

Download mod

File File size
rar vagosfemaleV7.2 255 MB

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