С.H.O.S.E.N. [.NET] V1.2.1

С.H.O.S.E.N. [.NET] 1.0

Your character can take a passerby hostage or drag Dead Body.
The environment will react to your crime.

You can stun a hostage, shoot him, throw him over a fence, attach a bomb to him and control the hostage. A bomb can be detonated stationed.

Missions Peds are locked for capture. Settings in the .ini file.

!!!_Important_!!! For saving weapon between switching you need download PlayerCompanion mod.

Default Settings:
G – Grab/ Released,
Alt – Attaching bomb / Switching Ped to Player.
U – Enable/Disable bomb
J holdbutton – Prepare bomb and watching Ped movement
J released – Explosion / Defuse bomb and released Hostage
Attack1 – Shoot Hostage
meleeAttak2 – Knock Down Hostage
meleeAttak1 – Throwing Hostage
V – Crouching with Hostage
Space – Turning Hostage Face to Face
MeleeAttak2 holdbutton – Prepare throwing direction
Attack1 – Front throwing body
MeleeAttak2 – Back throwing body
Ped Dead Body/ Knock Down
G – Drag / Released
V – PickUp Body / Putdown
Aim holdbutton – Prepare throwing direction
Attack1 – Throwing body

1. Download and open archive
2. Copy all files to your scripts folder (if you don’t have a scripts folder, create it in your GTA V Game folder)
3. Download and install PlayerCompanion mod



Download mod

File File size
zip С.H.O.S.E.N.vr_1.2.1 26 KB

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