[AHK] GTA Online Hotkeys 1.48.2

[AHK] GTA Online Hotkeys 1.48.1

GTA Online AHK Script by EnvoMods

As I stopped doing mods for story mode due to lack of time and performance of my laptop, I started playing GTA Online from time to time and I created macros that would improve my gameplay. I decided to share them.

This file is a script for AutoHotkey, an automation scripting language you can find on this website:

This won’t get you banned in GTA Online as it’s just a script playing a sequence of keys on a particular hotkey.

I included .jpg and .pdf files with all hotkeys and its descriptions, so you can even print them and put on your desk. You can also read Info.txt file included in the package to see additional keys.

I updated the whole script after the release of the Casino DLC and also improved some timings. For some people browsing contacts might feel a little slow, but it’s the perfect delay that would run on any PC or laptop without any flaws. Previously I experienced some lags on the phone and after all it might end up on a different contact. Still, for any unwanted calling, script just hovers on the contact so you can accept it by yourself.

I also tried to prevent getting your keys stuck. Sometimes it kept pushing the key after use, so I added some lines to pull the hotkey up every time it finishes running the sequence (Right Shift in this case).

Note that these keys were programmed on an account with all properties purchased and it might not work properly if you don’t have them.

After installing AHK remember to run the script as an administrator after the game launch.

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