GTA Online Survivals 1.1

GTA Online Survivals 1.0

As the name indicates, this mod aims to simulate the survival minigame from GTA Online in Singleplayer. Each wave the enemy’s aim gets better and their armor is increased, increasing the difficulty. By default, survivals end after 10 waves, but they can also be started in infinite waves mode.

In the first 2 waves, enemies will only spawn on foot at the different spawn points. From wave 3 enemies will also spawn in vehicles, and from wave 5 enemies will use helicopters too.

Around the survival area, there are armor, health, and weapon pickups to aid the player. Pickups are regenerated after each wave.

If the player goes too far away from the survival area, the survival will be automatically canceled after 15 seconds, the player will receive a warning indicating how much time is left before this happens.


Latest version of ScriptHookV
Latest version of ScriptHookVDotNet

Copy or move GTAOnlineSurvivalMod.dll and SurvivalMissionsConfig.ini to your scripts folder

Available survivals

Construction site survival
Del Perro survival
Desert alien survival

How to start a survival
Survival starting points are marked in the map with a red skull, you just navigate there and press the assigned keys to start the survival

Mouse and Keyboard:

Press T to start the survival in 10 waves mode
Press I to start the survival in infinite waves mode
Press F1 to cancel the survival

These can be modified in the ini file


Press DPadRight to start the survival in 10 waves mode
Press DPadLeft to start the survival in infinite waves mode
Hold DPadLeft for 3 seconds to cancel the survival

Known issues
None so far

Using godmode defies the whole purpose of playing a survival game, it ruins it, so, DON’T USE GODMODE



Download mod

File File size
rar SurvivalMissionsMod_1_1_0 13 KB

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