ArduinoHUD [.NET] 3.0


ArduinoHUD turns your Arduino and LCD setup into an informational display that provides some data about your current gameplay.


Updated to use Script Hook V .NET v2.5.1. This is required, the script won’t work without it.
Fixed “BUSTED” display
Refactored the way screens are cycled through, allowing for world/player information to display even while driving
Added forced screen cycling via push button
Update the ArduinoHUD.ino sketch with your corresponding push button digital pin
Update the ArduinoHUD.ini preferences file to set ToggleFormat to “ARDUINO” to disable the timed cycling


Added wanted level display via five LEDs
For help connecting your LEDs, use this tutorial:
Update the ArduinoHUD.ino sketch with your corresponding LED digial pins (LED1_PIN should be the right-most LED)

While walking
Displays current time, weather and neighborhood
Displays player health and armor percentage

While driving
Displays current vehicle name and speed (in format configured via ArduinoHUD.ini)
Displays current vehicle body and engine health

Displays when player is dead


Connect your LCD to your Arduino and test out its functions before installing the GTA script. If the “Hello World” tutorial is failing, then the script won’t work.

Open the ArduinoHUD.ino sketch in the Arduino app and make any necessary customizations
If your pins differ from the defaults, be sure to edit the LiquidCrystal instantiator
Update LCD_NUM_COLUMNS and LCD_NUM_ROWS to match your device
If using LEDs, update the LED digital pins (LED1_PIN should be the right-most LED)
If using a push button, update the push button digital pin

Upload the sketch to your Arduino
Install Community Script Hook V .NET
Place ArduinoHUD.dll and ArduinoHUD.ini into your GTAVRoot/scripts folder (if the folder doesn’t exist, create it)
Open Arduino.ini in Notepad and edit your settings and preferences
COMPort should match your Arduino’s port name (you can find this in the Arduino app under Tools > Port)
Edit HourFormat and SpeedFormat to your liking. Examples are given in the .ini file.
Set ToggleFormat to “ARDUINO” only if you have set up a push button

Play GTA V! No toggle key required.

Known Issues

Minimum LCD column count is 12, and some screens may have weather text slightly cut off

The source code is available on GitHub, feel free to use it in any way you want:



Download mod

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