ATM Robberies V2.0

ATM Robberies V1.0

Rob any ATM in the game naturally, by detonating a sticky bomb on it. Without having to launch a mission or anything else.
Settings file to manage ATM locations : some may be have been forgotten by the author.
All language support (see Translations section).
Min and max values mechanic (see Min and max values mechanic section).
Custumizable cooldown time (see How cooldown time works section) and wanted level added when robbing.

How it works
Just place a sticky bomb on the ATM you want to rob, and make it explode. The money will fall to the ground, but expect cops to arrive. Then, you will have 30 seconds to collect the money, after which it will disappear.

Min and max values mechanic
When the game is launched, all the ATMs listed will have a random amount of money defined between the minimum value and the maximum value set in the settings file.

How cooldown time works
When you rob an ATM, the date and time of the robbery are saved. The ATM will then gradually fill up until the cooldown is over.
Example: by default the cooldown is set to 168 in-game hours (7 days), as soon as the robbery is carried out, it will take 7 in-game days for the ATM to be filled to its value again (see also Min and max value mechanic to find out how the amount of money is defined for an ATM).

How to add a location
New custom locations can be added with their coordinates in the settings file. Just add the value of the coordinates (X,Y,Z) to a new POSITION key in the [ATMS] section.
Example :
POSITION1 = 4.8476,-919.6583,28.5821
POSITION2 = -133.3179,6366.1626,30.4995
POSITION3 = 119.4,-883.9134,30.1477
POSITION4 = etc…
No limit has been set, but please stay reasonable to keep the game stable.

Needs ScriptHookV
Needs ScriptHookV.NET 3.6.0 (and above when released I suppose)
Copy dll and ini to scripts folder.

Only the sticky bomb permit to rob an ATM. No other weapon.
You can only rob one ATM at a time.
During the 30 seconds of the robbery (see also How it works section), no other ATM can be robbed.
You must stay within 25 meters of the detonation for the robbery to be triggered.
Some ATM may have been missed on the list, so if you find an ATM that is not in the settings file, you can comment it with its position (X,Y,Z), I will add it in the file for other players too.

Known bugs
I’ve noticed that sometimes when I’m going to an ATM by taxi passing the ride, the robbery might not work. I don’t know why, but in this case, the only solution seems to be to restart the game.
I’m investigating to fix this.



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