Autorotation Maneuver v0.4.1

Autorotation Maneuver v0.1

The script will add the ability to perform the autorotation maneuver, allowing you, if done correctly, to perform an emergency landing in any vehicle with rotary wings.

I made this script for the simple reason that it makes no sense that I could survive the impact of a missile fired at the rear of my helicopter, but die trying to land it. Now I managed to land the whole helicopter and as a bonus blow up the bastard that hit me using the portable missile launcher.

Script Hook V
Script Hook V DotNet

– Possibility to land any vehicle with rotary wings after the loss of the engine.
– A simple interface that displays the rotation per minute of the blades.

Extract from the .rar file the Autorotation-maneuver.dll file and the folder named AutorotationManeuver in the script folder.



Download mod

File File size
rar AutorotationManeuver 74 KB

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