Barefoot mod

Barefoot mod

This mod allows your GTA V protagonist to be barefoot.
Just press the action button to do the trick. It can be changed in the INI file – if the file is not found, or the key is invalid, it is reset to the default (INSERT) key.
Use virtual key codes:

The script will not do the trick during missions and random events, or if the player is not on foot… it was my decision.

This is an ASI plugin, just copy the ASI file into the GTA V main directory. It requires ScriptHookV and ASI loader.


This mod determines the current protagonist character by checking, how many shoe variations are available for him. Adding or removing shoes may render this mod inoperable for that character!
This mod only works for the three protagonists. It will not work online!

Version 0.2: The first properly working version (action key: INSERT)
Version 1.0: Added feature: You can now change action key


Jupiter Kasparov

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