Clothing Mod V1.0

Clothing Mod V1.0

This mod provide the menu to change player’s clothing or skin,which all generate by game.
This mod I called it Clothing Mod beacause it only has one function that is to display player’s clothing and change it.
It was writted by C()(),menu template by scripthook v,SDK.I only use the template to create menu,and others.

The Clothing menu has five options,the first two items to display and switch player clothing/skin data,the after two items to change the clothing/skin,and texture(color),cooperate with the second item to change the clothing.I have test it ,which has no warranty to crash the game.Press F9 to open the menu.

Put the downloaded asi file into the game root dictionary,open the game and enjoy.



Download mod

File File size
rar ClothingMod 45 KB

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