Corsair For GTA V

Corsair For GTAV

This mod adds support for corsair RGB gear to be integrated into GTAV game play. It is currently still under construction and may be a little buggy. I am no expert at modding and if you give this mod ago, please let me know how it went.

A full description of the mod and install instructions is in the Scripts folder,
same name as the mod file, CorsairGTAV.txt

Please Note: This MOD uses corsair iCUE profiles, I only have 3 LL140 Fans and a K70 Keyboard. If you have other corsair gear you will need to edit the profiles to include your devices devices. Sorry, but there is no way to auto detect what corsair gear you have installed and apply profiles for them, it will be a manual job, the MOD simply adds support for iCUE profiles based on game events.


Fixed iCUE crash with profiles.cfg.
Added log file for debug, will remove later.

First release.
Not much to say, except is working for now with updates to come.

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