Custom Blips 2.1

Custom Blips


This mod let’s you add custom blips on your GTA 5 map.
Very useful if you add houses or interiors or maps to your game & want to give them Custom names & Icon (blip) on the map for easier access.
You can add as many blips as you want & can set any name you wish.
Default color for the blips is Blue, I will add random colors in an upcoming update & the ability to choose your own colors.
You can also use a key to enable disable the blips (though not individually I’m afraid).

This mod is inspired from FifaSam’s Addon-Blips which you can find here – addon blips

Note – The author of that mod is unreachable & the mod had a few shortcomings which is why I have created this script.

Hope you find it useful.
I am open to suggestions, kindly let me know in the comment section.
Good day 🙂


Extract & copy the contents of the zip file to your “scripts” folder..
If you do not have a scripts folder, kindly create one in your GTA 5 game folder.
This mod relies on SciptHookVDotNet , make sure you have the latest version.

That’s it ! Just copy the files & folder and Run the Game – you should see your custom blips on the map.

There’s a sample .txt file for you in the CustomBlips Folder (Mosley Showroom) which shows the location of Mosley’s Showroom if you install it.

You can get the Mosley MLO from here – Mosley’s Auto Shop

Tutorial: (Here’s how to add a blip:)

1. Create a new .txt file with the name of your blip.
2. Edit the text file using the given format. (Detailed instructions inside the tutorial text file in the zip).
3. The format will require 3 parameters – X,Y,Z / Name / Sprite.

The X, Y, Z values are the co-ordinates where you want your blip to appear, you can get these values using any good trainer like Simple Trainer or ENT.
The name will show up on your blip on the map, you do not have to make it the same as the .txt file name.
The sprite will decide the icon that shows up on the map, this value is optional, if you do not want a custom sprite, just leave “Sprite” blank.

List of sprites can be found in BlipSprites.txt

To remove a blip, just delete the .txt file.

You can change the default key to show/hide blips on the map in the CustomBlips.ini file provided (default key is F6).


Alexander Blade for creating ScriptHookV
Crosire for creating ScriptHookV.Net
FifaSam for creating AddonBlips which is the inspiration behind this mod (I was using his mod but found a few shortcomings so I created this).

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