EMs Particle Emitter V5.0

EMs Particle Emitter V4.0

This is a particle system selection mod designed for modders to find a specific particle by asset/name, You can rotate and position the particles, there are thousands of particles to choose from.

For none working particles:
These particles are hidden or require specific props to activate or specific circumstances to be seen, they do exist, they just require these circumstances.
I can’t list out every circumstance for each hidden particle.
Also note that some particles can scare pedestrians and some can kill you, some have sound and some can cause other worldly effects to trigger automatically.

new Left/Right arrow keys (Particle Emitter Interval)
(-/+) Scale particle
F9 Enable Particle System
H: Attach Particles to (Player) or (Last Vehicle) or aimed at (Prop/Ent/Veh)
Numpad: 2,8 (X)
Numpad: 4,6 (Y)
Numpad: 3,9 (Z)
F5 Select Previous Particle Asset
F6 Select Next Particle Asset
F7 Select Previous Particle Name
F8 Select Next Particle Name

Required Scripthooks:
scripthookv, scripthookvdotnet

How to install:
Place DLL in game_Dir/scripts folder



Download mod

FileFile size
zip EMsParticleEmitter(v5)37 KB

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