Enable All Interiors (WIP) V14.0

Enable All Interiors (WIP) 1.5

Enable All Interiors or EAI, is a mod to enable All interiors in GTAV, this mod will be a full replacement for the following mods
Open All Interiors
Online Interiors
Open Command Center Interiors (Still needed if your using Working Avenger, Working MOC, Working Terobyte, or their Business Mod Conterpart)
Open 60 Car Garage
to Set an Interior to enabled or Disabled or to customize an interior you can either do it via ini, or open your ingame phone, and a handy menu will allow you to do it there, this mod also has the Ability to Enable MP maps on Game Load/ Mod Refresh, this function can be turned off via ingame menu

this mod also allows you to turn of the interior Blips and Markers, Customize Each Customizable interior, like Hanger, Arcade, Nightclub etc

as this is a WIP please know that some doors to a couple interiors will not open, and i am trying to make them open

Drop Ifruitaddon2 (supplied in zip) into scripts
download and install Scripthookvdotnet3 – Please drop ALL files in Scripthookvdotnet’s zip into root, make sure to set ReloadKey=Insert in Scripthookvdotnet.ini
Download and Install NativeUI 1.9.1!

Drop EnableAllInterior.dll & EnableAllInterior.ini into scripts

here is a list of all Interiors (Y= Interior is Open, N = Interior does not load, DNO = Door Does not Open, Y/N? = No Idea )



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