Gameconfig.xml Tuners Update v2

Gameconfig.xml 4.0 Diamond Casino DLC / Story Mode Fixes

4.0 UPDATE: Diamond Casino update support added
Includes experimental new limit increases that were found by reverse engineering gta5.exe. All unused SP gameconfig values have been added, online values will be added in a later update for those who plan to use this with FiveM. Big thanks to CamxxCore for sharing his knowledge and helping me better understand IDA and Alexguirre for his research, assistance, and findings.

For the best experience please use this gameconfig with the following mods:
Heap Limit Adjuster or HeapAdjuster.
Packfile Limit Adjuster.
CScenarioPoint Patch.

Later I may also update 4.0 with optional population configs like I did previous releases.. Default, X3 Population, X5 Population.

IF you’re unsure of what this mod does then you most likely don’t need it… Carry on.

Over the course of the last few years I’ve sunk countless hours into editing gameconfig.xml. These files have been restricted to RDE and while I realize its a fantastic mod not everyone wishes to use it. Considering the scope of what gameconfig does I figured I’d share this as a standalone for the community.

GTA V version 2372, the Tuners DLC update, requires this modified gameconfig.xml, and both the Heap Limit Adjuster and Packfile Limit Adjuster for add-on DLCs to work.
V2 has more pools commented, some hardcoded items documented and changed, as well as a fix for those who use this gameconfig with NVE.



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