RDE Team Gameconfig.xml v2802

RDE Team Gameconfig.xml v2612

This file contains the latest gameconfig.xml by the RDE Team. It is generally maintained by Dilapidated, Jax765, PNWParksFan. Enhanced with research by alexguirre and CamxxCore. Other contributors are listed in the file.

A modified gameconfig.xml is required for most add-on mods, including add-on vehicles, peds, props, and weapons.

If you are using LML, you can install this package using the Mod Manager, and it will load a working gameconfig.xml for the latest game version. You do not need to change the file in update.rpf, just load this package. You can also install this gameconfig manually by downloading the file, and copying gameconfig.xml from to [mods]\update\update.rpf\common\data\.


alexguirre, CamxxCore, Dilapidated, Jax765, PNWParksFan, and RDE Team

Download mod

File File size
rar gameconfig V2802 14 KB
rar gameconfig-2699 UNPACK 150 KB
rar gameconfig 14 KB

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