Gang hideouts v 0.45

Gang hideouts v0.45

Wanna make some extra cash, $7000 dollars for taking out some gangsters around Los Santos. Choose the gang hideout, get your equipment and start shooting the enemies. Careful with cops and reinforcements.

-Choose the gang hideout to start (use numpads to select), drive to the designated location and then, the enemies spawn.
-There are 20 enemies per location, first 10 will spawn, when the “deadcount=10” it will restart, and 10 more come in some vehicles.
-Careful with cops, they allways respond in the middle of the shooting, you can use them in favor or against you because they shoot you, and the gangsters.
-Each gang has different weapons and vehicles fully customizable through the .vb

-I still have to fix the hideout positions in the menu.
-I hurrried up to finish the script because tomorrow I start a new job in my personal life, so the free time is going to be little. It may have some bugs in the new added factions or gang hideouts because those are not 100% tested. Please report any bugs.

INSTALL: Simply put the ganghide.vb in the “scripts” folder, remember to have ScripthookV and ScripthookVdotnet installed. Tested with the last version (Arena war).

NOTE: This mod is free source, so it means that YOU ARE FREE TO MODIFY this script. And I invite to all modders to release the source code of their scripts because it is a way to keep the modding community growing up. I looked a lot to other source codes from other scripts and that helped me a lot. The only condition to modify and upload a modded version of this script is that you release the source code of the modified ones. And don t forget to put my name in the credits.

Special thanks to: @JulioNIB of his scripting tutorials

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