GT Bike V0.7.2

GT Bike V 0.1

GTBikeV is a mod for GTA V that turns a Smart Bike Trainer, or turbo trainer, into the game controller, making your game time actual training time.
You’ll have a cycling workout inmersed in the GTA V world environment.

The mod features a library that listens to the ANT+ wireless protocol signal from an ANT+ FE-C compatible trainer (Tacx, Wahoo, Elite, Bkool, Kinetic, Saris, etc…) reads the speed and applies it to the vehicle your character is riding during the game. It reads the incline of the terrain, the roughness (material) and the wind in the game and sends all that information to the smart trainer so it can reproduce the hardness of the terrain you are actually riding.
There is an option to record your training into a FIT file, accompanied with periodic screenshots, that you can later upload to Strava or your favorite training app to track your progress. The FIT file is complete with fake GPS location to make your virtual training more realistic.
The mod by default spans a road bicycle and dresses your character with biking clothes.

As you won’t be able to use your keyboard while riding the real bike, the mod features a course reader which auto drives you around Los Santos following
different routes of various difficulty levels. If auto drive is selected but no course is loaded, the character will roam freely around the map (be warned, that could lead you to some serious uphills). Auto driving uses the best driving skill level available in the game so you are not likely to hit anything, but you still can be ran over when driving in the freeways with heavy traffic. The mod will try to recover from that without needing you to use the keyboard.
If auto drive is not enabled, the vehicle can be controlled with the usual steering keys or with the alternate smooth steering keys that allow for finer control when riding the bike (but widens the turn radius as well)

Some settings can be controlled from an ini file, including the bike model spawn on start, the scale of the slopes (the game present unrealistic slopes way harder than the real life equivalents), and the real world GPS coordinates of 0,0 in Los Santos map that are used to map the location for the FIT file.

Warning: this mod requires actual PHYSICAL EXCERSISE to be meaningful.

Remember mods only work in Story Mode, not in GTA V online



Smart trainer ANT+ FE-C compatible
A bicycle compatible with your smart trainer
ANT+ dongle for your PC to communicate with the trainer


Most recent version of GTA V. This mod gets updated as soon as the updated Scripthook is available.
Alexander Blade’s ScripthookV ( )
ScripHooktVDotnet V3.0.x ( )
My ANT+ FE-C communication DLL (included in the package)
Guad’s NativeUI V1.7 (included in the package)
Newtonsoft json encoder/decoder DLL (included in the package)

You may also need:

Microsoft .net framework 4.5.2 or above
Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013

Installation instructions:

Copy ScripthookV.dll, ScriptHookVDotNet.dll and FE-C_Receiver_DLL.dll in the GTA V installation directory. If you don’t have a scripts directory, create one and place there GTBikeV.dll, NativeUI.dll and NewtonSoft.Json.dll along with the rest of the contents of the scripts folder contained in the ZIP file.
If you want the routes available you should copy the route files (.json) to the user data directory usually located at My Documents/Rockstar Games/GTA V/ModSettings
First time you execute the mod a new ini file will be created in that same directory.

Usage instructions:

Open the mod menu using F5 key.
Select the first option to activate the mod and initialize comunications with the trainer
Select the second option to toggle autodrive
Use the third option to select the desired route

The trainer must be switched on before activating the mod in order to be detected.

If you want to contribute with your own routes you can create them following the json scheme you’ll find in the included routes. Ping me on the comments to include them in future releases.


Guad for NativeUI and all the forum posts about driving styles



Download mod

FileFile size
zip GTBikeV_0_7_2_03 MB

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