Law Spawn Enhanced V1.3.6

Law Spawn Enhanced V1.1

Extends the spawning of police units instead always coming from vehicles only. Disables certain dispatches to make that happen, so it’s incompatible with other
script-based dispatch mods (or even missions but im sure missions utilize FakeWantedLevel), but can be used with things that only modify ingame files.
Cops spawned trough scenarios or popcycle aren’t touched.

Standard Dispatch disabled while onfoot, and re-enabled when inside a vehicle (not compatible with script-based dispatch mods or it would work if it doesn’t call
ENABLE_DISPATCH_SERVICE native, but dispatch.meta edits work fine)
Game will try to find a best suitable spawn location when attempting to spawn units, e.g sidewalks
Certain locations have vantage points for snipers to spawn from (only 1 sniper can exist at a time)
Diverse arsenal for SWAT units onfoot.
DT_SwatHelicopter excluded, you will see units being dropped off from the air incase ground units can’t reach you.
Spawned units will utilize tactics like chasing you down and carrying their wounded allies to safety.
You can configure some values of the mod by creating a .ini file with the same name as the DLL. To know which values you can use.

Future Plans:
maybe somehow make the units editable?

Required Mods:
Scripthook V

Recommended Mods:
Any mod changing dispatch.meta
Something that adds ambient cops that spawn in traffic so you have a “first wave” of cops to investigate you.

Just extract the .zip in your scripts folder located in GTA V’s root directory.



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