Meth Empire 4.0

Meth Empire 4.0

This mod was originall created by FelixTheBlackCat in 2017, ive had full permission from him to upload this new version of it.
Ever wanted to start up a meth business without real legal consequences? Well now you can!
This mod is NOT a single-player port of the GTAO MC meth business.
This mod adds the ability to cook and sell batches of meth, as well as complete missions to upgrade and supply your lab.
Go to the laboratory at Liquor Ace to access your meth business.
From there you can cook new batches, arrange deals, purchase supplies and upgrade your lab.

This mod is open source for the purpose of promoting the development of other GTA mods, as well as allowing new developers to see code examples on how to carry out certain procedures. If you use this source code for your own purpose, shoot me a message! I’m always interested in checking out new projects from other developers.

Put the files in your scripts folder to install this mod. Just check your map for the location(s) of your meth lab and customers (appear once you’ve cooked the meth).

1. download and Install scripthookv + Scripthookvdotnet
2. create a scripts folder (named scripts and not Scripts) if you havent got one already
3. install LemonUI(if you havnt already got it for SHVDN2) there is a download link in the text file of the zip, copy the url into a browser, then a zip will be downloaded, drag the CONTENTS of the SHVDN2 folder into scripts
4. drag MethDealing_Settings.ini into scripts
5. drag MethDealing.dll, MethDealing.pdb and MethDealing.ini into scripts
6. Launch game


HKH191 & FelixTheBlackCat

Download mod

File File size
zip Meth Dealing 4.0 140 KB

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