Lombank Heist V1.2

Lombank Heist

Brute force your way to the vault or overload their circuits and get in from above un-noticed in the new Lombank heist!

Drag and drop Lombank_Heist.dll and Lom_Bank_Heist.ini into your scripts folder.

Purchase either the hacking dongle (marked on the map as a button) or a power cell (marked by a +) and head to the bank. With the hacking dongle purchased, enter the bank as normally, if you completed the power cell prep, go to the fuse box indicated on the map by a red bolt and overload it.

Script Hook V
Script Hook VDotNET
Cayo Perico update
Better to have legitimate copy of the game

Have a legit copy of the game



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zip Lombank Heist (M8T)46 KB

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