Neon Control [Private Version Of RemixPL1994] v1.0

Neon Control [Private Version Of RemixPL1994] v1.0

Neonlights v1.1.2 by Stulleman was last updated a long time ago in 2015, so Neon Control is giving the same thing, improving things and introducing many new possibilities to be the best neon control script ever made.

For example, what we can do is turn off our neon in the vehicle, turn it on again. Put the neon in the fade mode (Need For Speed Underground 2 effect) or in the rainbow mode.

Contrary to Neonlights v1.1.2 by Stulleman supports many vehicles at the same time next to each other 🙂

You can check this and other things yourself by testing and discovering the script 😉

Changelog v1.0:

This is my first publicly available private version released recognized by me as stable, made for a fee, made by the user Justalemon on my behalf with my ideas, beta tests, comments and corrections, and the entire supervision over the entire script.

The script is fully customizable and everyone can set their own settings and behaviors and assign keys and buttons as they like. There is support for both keyboard and gamepad.

Manual configuration can be done from the system in the file NeonControl.json. Notepad ++ recommended

During the game, we activate the configuration by entering the code “neoncontrol” and then the in-game configuration menu appears.

There is also an Only Patreon version of this script, you can read about it at the bottom of “Further Script Updates and Support”.

Default control: ( The uploaded file is preconfigured but you can change it at any time ).

N key on keyboard and X on gamepad ps4 / A on gamepad xbox.

Short press the N key on the keyboard / X / A button on the gamepad = turn neon on or off.

Longer pressing of the N key on the keyboard / X / A button on the gamepad = switch neon mode to e.g. fade / rainbow / shine permanently (default)

You can also change the holding time and increase or decrease it 🙂

Additional information:
Idea, beta tests, general supervision, spending money for this purpose = Me, RemixPL1994.
Script execution, code writing & work and main script author = Justalemon.

Required files:
LemonUI: Open Source UI Library in the latest version by Justalemon.
Community Script Hook V .NET by Crosire.


Drag the content from the extracted file “Neon Control v1.0 [Private Version Of Remix].zip” to your scripts folder (if you don’t have a scripts folder, create it in your GTA V game folder).



Download mod

File File size
zip Neon Control v1.0 [Private Version Of Remix] 359 KB

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