New Street Phone Missions V4.2

New Street Phone Missions 1.9

New Street Phone Missions

A procedural generation mission mod, All the overground phones will now ring when you are near them.
To answer them stand in the corona and accept or decline the job.
There are six Map areas where the missions start most missions will remain local, some do require crossing the map.
Many of the missions have a variaty of start middle and end locations, also some have random endings with a few random events and hidden obectives.

The Cayo Perico Update– I’ve add five missions for Cayo Perico island. to access Cayo Perico you can use Random Start, or Simple-Trainer, or Flight to Cayo Perico.

I have added a load of freemode outfits to the Outfits folder which i lifted from I’m Not MentaL’s Single Player Apartment II.

Online Maps, i have altered the yacht used in a mission to one that requires loading of online maps, if you already have it loaded then it will consider it already loaded however if not then you will have a symbol stating ‘Loading Online’, this is not connecting to online just loading the IPL’s for online, i have also set the ‘_USE_FREEMODE_MAP_BEHAVIOR, to false so no missing street furniture i.e, streetphones.’

I have found this mod on other sites, this was done without my permission and i can’t guarantee they are free from malware viruses, only download from ‘’, this is the only place i have uploaded this mod. all work is my own based on research through gta moding forums. If you want to show some support for this and my other mods please subscribe to my youtube channel, you can also find videos and links to other mods i’ve made for games like Black & White, and Fallout, i will be also be adding links and videos to mods i’ve made on steam at some point.

The mission list


— It’s trucking with variaty of trucks, trailers and destinations.

Getaway Driver

— Getaway driving, pick any 4+ seat land vehicle.
— Try not to lose too much of the take..


— It’s not a fetch quest… Just delivering ojects to locations…
— Timed delivlierys with a bouns for completing all deliverys.
— Each area has it’s own variation.
— Hundreds of locations.


— Pick up the prisoners take them back to Bolingbroke.


— It’s not a taxi service… Pick up people take them to a destination…
— Soo many locations.
— Reduced ‘real’ taxi attacks.
— Made the pick-up location mostly appear near to where you are when accepting a mission.
— Passagers will warp into vehicle on third horn blast.


Location 1:Red Nut Air Race

— Fly a stunt plane in ‘The Red Nut Air Race’.

Location 2:Pegasus

— Fly high with the CEO’s of Los Santos.

Location 3:Brrrrrrrrt

— Borrow a Brrrrrrt.

Location 4:Import Export

— Greef an Import/Exporter.

Location 5:Crop Dusting

— Crop spraying. Spray harmless death toxins on farms.

Location 6:Heil Tours

— Fly some tourists to locations around paleto and beyond.


— Drive an amulance.. Fast.
— Timer and total cash counter.
— Three horn blasts and the patient warps to ambulance.


— Follow a random suspect in a random car to a random location with random endings.
— Locallised pick up point


— Put out fires, save cats. Just normal fire fighter stuff.


— Be johnny deliver player cars, then run away before the player shoots at you.
— Improved the ending adding a timmer and excape area on mini map.


— Land Sea and Air Races.
— Traffic removal.
— Choice of upto 10 laps per race.
— Gta online style race and lap counter.
— Each area has it’s own variation.
— Race Ai or do a time trial.

Explosive Device

— Find a hidden bomb before it explodes.


— Assasinate without being spoted or leaving Dead bodies in view.
— Target must be stealth killed with a melee weapon, the guards any silenced weapon.
— Guards and target have view cones if they see you they will be alerted.
— Guards hold position or walk patrols.
— Guards are alerted by near by gun fire (i.e dont miss)and other dead guards.

Gruppe 6

— Cash deliverys..Not a safe career choice in los santos.
— Multipule possable outcomes.


Location 1:Argey Bargey

— Tow a barge out to sea.
— Defend the barge from attacking mobs.

Location 2:Piracy

— Fight for the yacht
— Recive a working yacht with fast travel, wardrobe, bar, jacuzy and more..

Location 3:Phishing

— Travel down Tongava River finding phishing signals.
— Requres good boat control.

Location 4:Litter Bugs

— Collect litter from Los Santos Flood Drain.
— 50 items to collect with a timmer.

Location 5:Boat Yard

— Deliver a choice of boats to one of many locations.
— Now cargobob compatable.

Location 6:Bogdam

— It’s bogdan.. without that long cut sceen at the end. So no going off to make a cup of tea, then returing to pull out the ethernet cable!!

Important Exports

— Find cars and load them on to a barge.

Debt Collect

— Collect debts from the residents of Los Santos.

MC Business

— Help rockstart make biker businesses more trouble than they are worth!!.

Bay Lift

— How warehouses/bunkers where supposed to work…


— Give the sharks of Los Santos a present they wont forget!!

Cayo Perico

— Packages.
Deliver the all important bolt cutters.

— Follow.
Follow thoughs sneeky partyers on foot, don’t get spotted by them.

— Racist.
Race around the main hill alone or with three other racists.

— Assassination.
Five more assassination missions to beat.

— Thief.
Gun down that thief making off with El Rubio’s loot.


Place the scripts folder in the zip file in your ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ folder.

Required Files
–Always check these are up-to-date as they do change.–

All the free DLC’s installed…
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8
Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019
Script Hook V
Community Script Hook V .NET 3.0.2

This mod uses all the vehicles avalable, these require an uptodate trainer so they don’t despawn.
Any of these will work.

Known Bugs and Compatibility Issues

– some translations missing on menus.
– due to character length some translations are missing characters/ whole words.
– If you are upgrading from an older version and get a crash on load, delete or move NSPMRandNum.XML and NSPMSet.XML from Grand Theft Auto V/Scripts/NSPM. you can cut and paste data form your old NSPMSet.XML to the new one that is generated on load.

Future updates

A fix for the null referace fail on yacht pirate mission.
A fix for the Fps drop on race checkpoints.


I have added a language file XML if placed in the scripts folder this will replace the in game text.


–Rockstar Games
–Alexander Blade
–I’m Not MentaL
–Anyone else may have missed.

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