Quadcopter-Redux – Drone simulator V1.9

Quadcopter-Redux V1.0

This is a remake of the excellent Quadcopter mod from LeFix. This new version has been completely rewritten using the ScriptHookVDotNet library. The objective of this new version is to bring additional features and improvements.

Quadcopter-Redux is a real drone simulator, mainly for FPV drones, but future flight modes are planned to simulate the behavior of stabilized drones like DJI drones. Using a FPV drone simulator is almost essential to learn how to fly FPV drones safely. It requires some practice and experience before being able to master the behavior of the drone in manual mode (acro).

There are many drone racing simulators available, but they all lack a detailed world which feels alive, the huge GTA map is the ideal playground for a drone simulator offering endless possibilities and a high degree of realism.

Important Note
This mod is currently under development, I am actively maintaining it but it is possible (most likely) that bugs are present (please report any bug you encounter)

All important settings can be found in the mod menu.
– By default it can be opened by pressing F7 keys.
– If you delete the Quadcopter.json file, the mod will create a file with default settings
– It is highly recommended to use a real drone radio-controller rather than a gamepad xbox360 for better accuracy and real sensations. The mod can detect usb radiocontrollers and the axes and switches can be binded via the mod menu.

– FPV simulator (only acro mod for now)
– Support xbox360 gamepad or radiocontroller (tested with betafpv, tango 2 and DJI FPV remote controller)
– Support ‘Actual’ rates (planned to add betaflight and kiss)
– optionnal Funny gameplay with ability to shoot rockets.

ScriptHookVDotNet (3.6.0)

Ensure to have Requirements files installed (ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVDotNet)
Put all the file in your GTAV game folder
Mod files can be found in the ‘scripts’ folder.

– Numpad 1 : to start flying
– Numpad 3 : to stop flying (can also be triggered via menu to teleport player)
– F7 : Settings menu
– R : Unstuck drone (reset)
– PageUp, PageDown : Camera tilt

How to fly
– If you use a radiocontroller, enter the menu and enable the directinput option, next assign axes to map your radio with throttle, pitch, yaw, roll.
– By default when start to flight, the drone is disarmed. You have to arm the motors with a button that you will have blinded via the menu or simply disable the arming option if you don’t want it. (the throttle must be cut in order to arm the drone)



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