Rob Fleeca V2 Heist Mod 0.2.4

Rob Fleeca V2 Heist Mod 0.2

– Script Hook V
– Script Hook V .NET

RobFleecaV2 gives you the ability to rob all 6 Fleeca branches around San Andreas. It is similar to the gta online Fleeca heist but it is also different, adding many new features into the mix.

I also recommend downloading aimless’s Safe Cracker mod to go alongside this one for the best criminal experience.

Drop Rob_Fleeca_V2.dll and RobFleeca.ini into your scripts folder
delete the old RobFleeca.dll if you have it installed

press “U”(default, changable in .ini) out the front of bank on the sidewalk/street curb. banks are only open during the day.


Full credit goes to aimlessfor the original mod
He has given me permission to update the mod.
aimless also provided the code for the vault hacking.
Thanks to HKH191 for helping me with some bugs

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