Scene Manager 2.3.3

Scene Manager 2.3.3

Follow the instructions in the README and verify your settings in the .ini file.

Q: The plugin doesn’t open.
A: Read the README

Q: Why do vehicles ignore the barriers?
A: Read the README

Q: Why does the virus check say anomaly detected? Are you trying to hack my computer?? ARE YOU GOING TO STEAL ALL MY GTA MONEY?
A: It’s a false positive. If the positive reviews and tens of thousands of downloads don’t convince you it’s safe, then don’t download it.


Scene Manager is a standalone plugin which allows you to create custom AI paths to help manage your incident scenes. Follow the README for instructions, and don’t forget to load the plugin with Rage.

Included Features

Create custom paths for the AI to follow
Custom waypoint options to modify AI driving speed and behavior
Direct nearest driver to a selected path
Dismiss nearest driver to release them from your path
Barrier management menu to add and remove barricades around your scene
Save, load, and share paths with XML files


RageNativeUI 1.8 (included)
InputManager (included)

Recommended Mods
Traffic Signs and Barricades Pack


Rich and PNWParksFan

Download mod

File File size
rar SceneManagerV2.3.3 341 KB

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