The Beef V5.0

The Beef 1.0

This is simple, now everytime you shoot a gang member from up close, they will remember you for 12 in game hours (24 minutes in real time)

They will not remember you if you snipe them, for example, the mod only works at a 25 meters range, for performance and realism reasons, gives you a reason climb up a building and use that sniper rifle when you want to mess with gangs.

It’s compatible with story mode or mods that create gang members as mission peds (Like the ballas mission with lamar, JavelinV or the gang by Dealien) which means, gangs will remember you after you finish that mission or after you kill a gang member JavelinV/The Gang

If a gang remembers you, the gang members will try to fight you on sight.

Mix it up with my mod “the homies” and with the “JavelinV” gang contracts for some real hood action, you can find both mods on my profile.

Drop it in your scripts folder



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