The Laundromat – A Money Laundering Mod 0.7.2

The Laundromat - A Money Laundering Mod 0.1

A simple and immersive script that lets you arrange a deal with The Laundromat Guy the right person to “clean” all the money you have make through robbery, heist and many other criminal activities you are involved. Just call him and take an appointment, he going to tell you where to go.
Get your dirty money and make them legal its not an easy work, so you have to wait a coupple of days before you can go get them.

Obviously The Laundromat Guy doesn’t work for charity and take a slice of the cake…

between $1.00 ad $50.000 he take 30%
between $51.000 and $100.000 he take 20%
between $101.000 and $500.000 he take 10%

The Laundromat Guy have two bodyguard, dont make anything stupid when they are around or they going to shoot you!

Immersive dialogue lines and actions
The Laundromat and his bodyguards spawn in random position and clothes
You can change from the ini file the main keys

This is my first mod so expect some bugs or typo since english is not my mother tongue


Put all the file in your script folder



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