TriggerHappy! Kill Counter & Rewards V0.8

TriggerHappy! Kill Counter & Rewards V0.8

Can’t beat the system, so how about making it worthwhile?

Rewards you with money for each pedestrian you kill. Also features a bonus system that increases the amount of money you receive depending on the situation. Multikill rewards and more! Highly configurable.

My first mod in a long long time. I found it unfair and boring that you get hunted to death by the police for very little reward, just because you “accidentally” hit or shot a random dude who gave you the finger for your artistic driving.

I tried to gather as much details about each kill as possible and broke it down into different values. For example, if the victim was on fire or was trying to flee. These details and the base value for each type of pedestrian translates directly into money.

Once you die everything is reset.

See this as a sort of minigame while being chased. Evade death as long as possible and try to beat your last highscore.

ScriptHookV.NET, Version 1.0 or greater



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