V Rainbomizer V3.3.5

V Rainbomizer v1.0.1

Rainbomizer is a set of mods for Grand Theft Auto games that randomize major aspects of the game. Lists of things randomized include the missions, the traffic, voice lines, cutscenes among other things!

It randomizes major aspects of the game, allowing for a fun and challenging playthrough of the game.

The mod is open source and can be modified under the terms of the GNU General Public License (v3 or later). The source code for it can be found on GitHub

List of randomizers

Traffic Randomizer: Randomizes cars that spawn in traffic.
Mission Vehicle Randomizer: Randomizes vehicles you are given in missions, making sure that the vehicle you’re given is usable for that mission.
Colour Randomizer: Randomizes colours of various in-game elements, including cars, the HUD, and more.
Mission Randomizer: Randomizes order of missions in-game. Upon completion of a mission, the game progresses as if you completed the original mission.
Weapon Randomizer: Randomizes weapons given to the enemies.
Sounds Randomizer: Randomizes dialogue and sound effects played in-game.
Cutscene Randomizer: Randomizes models used in motion-captured cutscenes.
Ped Randomizer: Randomizes all ambient, mission, and cutscene peds.
Player Randomizer: Randomizes the player model into a different ped model.
Player Special Ability Randomizer: With Player Randomizer enabled, this feature randomizes the player’s special ability.
Timecycle and Weather Randomizer: Randomizes the look of the game by randomizing weather elements and sky colour.
Handling Randomizer: Randomizes the handling of all vehicles.
Weapon Stats Randomizer: Randomizes weapon stats such as fire rate, range, etc. of all weapons.
Dispatch Randomizer: Randomizes all dispatched police cars, ambulances, helicopters, and boats.


Ensure ScriptHook is installed
Extract the archive to the GTA V installation directory
You may additionally configure the mod in config.toml in the “rainbomizer” directory.

Note that the modification is designed to be played with a vanilla installation of the game and as such will not work when combined with other mods that significantly change the gameplay.



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