[MLO] Improved and Customized Malibu Mansion [Add-On] 1.0

[MLO] Improved and Customized Malibu Mansion [Add-On] 1.0

I always loved the look of old version of this mod where you can see the interior from the exterior but disappointed this feature was removed in the new version and windows are replaced with curtains.

Although I understand the reasoning behind this which was to improve FPS, but me personally couldn’t let that beautiful look go away in the exchange of performance increase.

So decided to edit the mod to bring this feature back and share with you as well 🥰

That being said, yes unfortunately installing this mod will negatively effect the performance. That is unfortunately a choice we need to make in these kind of decisions .. 🙁

In addition to that, I decided to replace the painting textures as well with beautiful landscapes and cutie arts 🥰🥰

Also added many amazingly beautiful lights around the mansion which I believe looks breathtaking especially at night, also very good for sunset photography.
Since the lights will take up even more performance, I seperated this from the main files. If the performance cost is too much to enjoy, simply delete malibu_mansion_lights.ymap 🙂

Since this is a version mixed between the old versions and my own addons not everything is new neither everything is from original old version. But you can install whichever you want, everything is optional.
However for the collision removal, if you decide to install the removal of barriers that were placed at the main gate and at the end of the driveway, you obviously need to install both .ydr and .ybn .

I also highly recommend if you have your Malibu Mansion modified in any way, please make a backup of it because there are so many changes in this mod.
I honestly lost track of how many things I changed and these changes haven’t done in a few days. I kept doing this since months as I had any lovely idea…

Install the stuff in the Meta folder to malibumansion_meta.rpf and Models folder to malibumansion_models.rpf

The list of changes are;
– Made interior visible from outside (removed the fake curtain textures and replaced them with glass)
– Made plants static so they don’t tip over.
– Added custom textures to paintings.
– Removed the barriers and their collusions from main entrance door and driveway that ends at the garden.
– Also added some glowing lights around the building and a few garden props, chimes… in external ymap.
– Added a boat, jetski (at the dock) and golf car (at the driveway) as CarGen.
– Added many TVs that has beautiful scenes from many movies. (Installing AddonProps dlcpack included in the mod is required for this).

Some models unfortunately I couldn’t able to include since they are paid mods of others.

If you have NVE, to enable laser lights around the mansion, check ” To enable Laserlights for NVE.xml “. Recommend using Notepad++ to open it.


MissySnowie , BigShaqNOKetchup

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7z Improved Malibu Mansion 257 MB
7z FiveM Instructions 918 B
7z Optional Pool - Hoppable Outside 616 KB

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