Vanilla Coffee V2.0

Vanilla Coffee V1.0

Allows you to play the pole dance sequence at Vanilla Unicorn with full exit animation and play flirt speech.
Walk near the pole and press the interact key to start the sequence.

Place “VanillaCoffee.dll” and “VanillaCoffee.ini” into your “\Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\” folder. You will need the latest versions of Script Hook V and Script Hook V .NET.

Interact – E (default)
Reload Mod Settings from VanillaCoffee.ini – Shift + X (Notification will be shown)

– You can change the controls in the VanillaCoffee.ini file.
– You can change the Flirt Voice
– There’s an option to enable Stage Enter animation too but I couldn’t figure out exact coordinates so it is disabled. You can try yourself by changing the ENTERPOS and ROTATION variables.

This is my first script so there might be some bugs.


Thanks to @danistheman262 and @Mordecki for their scripting tutorials.

Download mod

File File size
zip VanillaCoffee_2.0 16 KB

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