Vehicle Keeper 3.4

Vehicle Keeper 2.1.0

With this modification you can save your cars wherever you want! Also it is compatible with Single Player Apartment mod.

This modification is derived from the official Save Vehicles mod with a lot of refactoring and vast improvements. Vehicle saves with all of the upgrades, fuel status and other different details. Uniqueness of saved vehicle achieved by vehicle model and vehicle number plate. So if you save the same vehicle model with exact same number plate – this will override the old one.

In order to update onto new major version X.0.0 please remove scripts/VehicleKeeper directory due incompatibility.

Note: If you’ve got versions conflict of any dependency just create a directory under scripts folder and put only .dll files from scripts folder of zip archive to this folder instead of putting them directly to scripts folder in the root of GTA 5.



Default keys

T – Open menu
X – Save vehicle
Z – Unsave vehicle

Just extract content of to root of your GTA 5 directory.

Original mod: Save Vehicles (Permission given to modify)

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Download mod

File File size
zip VehicleKeeper 2 MB

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