ZHalfLife – HL2/CSGO Movement for GTA V V23.01.28.1

ZHalfLife - HL2/CSGO Movement for GTA V V23.01.10.2

A port of GoldSrc/Half-Life 1 and Source/Half-Life 2 movement to GTA V.
Bunnyhopping, airstrafing, surfing, wallboosting, ducking and noclip are all fully implemented, along with a toggle to switch between HL2 (ABH) and HL1 (bhop) mechanics and gravity.

Everything from sv_gravity and sv_airaccelerate, to mouse sensitivity and camera FOV can be tweaked in the config menu.

Collision detection is still a bit wonky, meaning slow on-foot movement and crouch jumping aren’t perfect yet.

Default controls:
F7 – open/close menu
Num5 – enter menu
Num0 – exit menu
Num2/8 – scroll
LCTRL & Q – toggle mod
V – toggle noclip



Download mod

File File size
zip ZHalfLifeV_v23.01.28.1 5 MB

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