CWeaponInfoBlob Limit Adjuster 1.0.1

CWeaponInfoBlob Limit Adjuster 1.0.1

The game has a hardcoded limit on the number of CWeaponInfoBlobs (base element of weapons.meta files) that can be loaded, which Rockstar increases everytime they add new weapons.meta in DLCs. This limit is 90 as of v1365.

Reaching this limit when installing weapon mods makes the game crash while loading, so this allows you to increase this limit to prevent those crashes.

By default the new limit is 200, and can be changed in the “CWeaponInfoBlob Adjuster.ini” file.

Requires an ASI loader (dinput8.dll).
Once you have that, just drop “CWeaponInfoBlob Adjuster.asi” and “CWeaponInfoBlob Adjuster.ini” in your GTAV directory.

Source code


– Fixed bug that made the ASI loader wrongly log that the script “failed to load”.



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