SirenSetting Limit Adjuster V2.0.2

SirenSetting Limit Adjuster 1.1.0

This mod expands the maximum value of a siren setting ID in carcols to 65535. Previously, two siren settings with different IDs could still conflict with each other if their IDs were above 255. Now they don’t.

This mod also expands the maximum number of unique siren settings you can have. If you have 400 cars, and they all have unique light patterns, that’ll work.

Copy the contents of “Grand Theft Auto V” to your game folder. If you use RAGEPluginHook, make sure to copy the Plugins folder as well.

Just use a number bigger than “255” as a siren setting ID. The values 0, 255, and 65535 are reserved, so don’t use those 3 specific values. No additional configuration is required.

This ASI produces a SirenSettings.log file in your game directory. The log file records:

Every loaded SirenSetting, its name, its ID, and its internal index,
Every loaded vehicle, its name, its siren ID, and the index it was matched to,
Any conflicts, where two SirenSetting entries have the same ID.


cp702: Author
LMS: Research assistance
Jacobmaate: Screenshots
Swed, Jacobmaate, 11john11: Testing

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