Drift Mod V4.9.3

Drift Mod 4.0

Drift Mod
This mod is intended to allow the user to easily drift their car in-game.

This mod is intended to be used in story mode only. The creator is not responsible for the consequences of attempting to use this mod in online mode.

Features and bugs
This mod allows you to edit handling values of your car so that you can drift more easily. It also has the ability to modify these handling values to make the car more like a 4×4 truck or to make your car do wheelies like a drag car.

Installation instructions
Run after you start GTA V. Select your game version and platform, then select what mode and what values you would like for each option. Press f5 (or whatever key you set it to) to activate the mod.


This mod is based on the Drift Mod made by PeppeProduction, which does not work and has not been updated in over half a year. I have made attempts to contact the creator, but he has not responded. Special thanks to Johninatoooor and TechNOoBaSS for assisting in the revival of this mod.

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21 thoughts on “Drift Mod V4.9.3

  1. Please Update This Mod For Gta 5 1.57 Update Now Gta 5 is Runing On 1.58 Update but Here in Mod is only Availabe 1.29 to 1.54 update version.So kindly Please Update This Mod To 1.57 Update.

  2. works great. hit F5 and wait a second to show that its on. turns off for me when i switch between certain cars?

  3. I’ve been getting some bugs recently, not sure if it may just be because of something on my side.
    I initially installed the mod fine and its was working with every car I used. But then at some random point, a lore-friendly Add-On that was working before-hand started to not be recognized as a car with the handling activated. I couldn’t figure out the reason, even after game restarts and re-downloads of the mod, so I left that car alone. But then again it started acting up on other cars, and deleting and then re-downloading seemed to fix it. And then earlier today, it started to not recognize any cars at all. I’m gonna re-download once more and see if it works. Any reason as to why this even happened in the first place.

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