Mod Mover 1.2

Mod Mover 1.2

This is the final version of this tool that i will be releasing. If you have any ideas for tools you want to see, message me and i’ll be happy to consider making them.

If you don’t know which version to download, i recommend v1.1. In my opinion, it’s the best

Version 1.2 Changes:

Completely rewrote the program in Javascript
The UI is now totally different, but is very minimal.
The UI is customisable through editing the CSS file (Info included in read_me.txt)
All the code for the program is available for editing
This version does not have the mod counter that 1.1 has

Version 1.1 Changes:

Changed the name to “Mod Mover”
Changed the UI to look a bit nicer
Added a mod counter to display how many mods are in the GTA V root directory (Only counts files that have been moved using this tool)
Added an alert to let the user know if their GTA or Mod folder path is null
Since this tool doesn’t move folders, folder names will no longer be written to the config.ini after clicking “install”

This tool moves all files from one folder (All your mods) to another folder (Your GTA V root directory). Its purpose is to quickly move your mod files out of your GTA dir for when you want to go online. It’s pretty simple, all the information is included in the readme.txt

NOTE: This only moves files, not folders. e.g All the script hook stuff, any asi files you have, etc.



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FileFile size
zip Mod Mover v1.248 MB

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