Toggle Script Hook V in a single batch file v0.2.1

Toggle Script Hook V in a single batch file v0.2

This simple batch file toggles Script Hook V on or off.
1. Place in your GTA V install folder.
2. Make sure that the path to your GTA V executable is correct (4th line).
3. IMPORTANT! First time use, you should have Script Hook V enabled before launching this bat!
4. Optional: Make a Shortcut of this bat file to your desktop.
5. Optional: Change the icon for the Shortcut to your liking.

When you use this to launch GTA V you will never forget to turn mods on or off, depending on if you play campaign or online.

Thank you for Matt281 for the inspiration.



Download mod

File File size
rar ModToggler_v0.2.1 2 KB

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