Windows Shortcut Creator 2.4

Windows Shortcut Creator 2.4

Windows Shortcut Creator is an Software that let create shortcuts for all of your programs and folder with advanced options.

It has now an update system which download the newest tool version from my server directly and then it restart with the newest version.

Latest Update Changes:
— 2.4
– [Fix] Custom Icon [It’s now possible to use separate pictures (icon) each shortcut]


1. System Requirement
2. Information
3. How to use
4. FAQ
5. Credits
6. Changelog

System Requirement
— Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

Please dont release this tool without my permission on other websites.

How to use
1. Run the .exe file
2. Set/Change your details
3. Press the “Create shortcut” button
4. Look at your desktop or custom path 🙂

What do this Tool exactly?
It can change all your shortcut details. There is a Image auto Converter to .ico (Convert any picture to .ico)
Supported Picture files:

Are there more planned features?
I try to more options.

Why this tool? Windows can do this…
You can change these details easier with this tool.

Has this Tool Bugs or Errors?
I hope not.

Look at the About section in tool.
Config Editor


– Gang1111 (Developer)
– Kryo4lex

Download mod

FileFile size
rar Windows Shortcut Creator148 KB

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