Weaponized Conada [Replace] V1.0

Weaponized Conada

Replaces the Conada Helicopter from the Criminal Enterprises DLC with a weaponized variant, using the gun placements from the Buzzard Attack Chopper. Both the missiles and guns transfer over onto the Conada.

Buzzard Weaponry for the Conada Helicopter (Rockets and Machine Gun)
All standard game features

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q1: “Can I use this mod on my FiveM Server ?”
A1: “Yes, you can, as long as the helicopter is not a reward for a donation or exclusive to one person, you may use it.”

Installation Instructions in the .zip


Original Models: Rockstar Games
Edits: 13Stewartc

Download mod

FileFile size
rar Conada_Attack_Chopper3 MB

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