1994 Ferrari F355 Spider [Add-On / FiveM / Pop-Up Headlights] 1.0

1994 Ferrari F355 Spider [Add-On / FiveM / Pop-Up Headlights] 1.0

All the legend, the myth, the history and mystery in the world cannot distract from one single fact when it comes to Ferraris: they have to be pretty. Stat sheets can go on about power-to-weight ratios, structural stiffness, torsional rigidity and exotic materials all day long, but if the car looks like a moose, then it’s a moose – an offence made all the worse if it’s supposed to be a prancing horse.

The 348 that preceded the 355 was not an especially ugly car, but it also wasn’t especially pretty. The slats down the side echoed the Testarossa – not a good thing – so it looked dated even when it was brand new. And it certainly wasn’t a hit, performance-wise. In fact, much was made of the news that Honda launched the NSX at the same time, and it appeared to be, in every single way, better than the Ferrari.

The 355 was Ferrari’s answer. Beauty and power came together and are still very much in evidence today. I’m not one for getting all gooey about Ferraris in general, but there is undeniably something that happens deep inside when you see that yellow badge on a V8 or a steering-wheel boss.

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* Pop-Up Headlights *
HQ Exterior
HQ Interior
HQ Doorsills
Working Dials on Dash
Hands on Steeringwheel
Breakeable Glass
Accurate Burn & Dirtmap
Livery Support (Template on my Discord)
ADD-ON & FiveM Version
And all other standarts… besides LODs

Known Bugs:
NO TRUNK / NO Engine (Still searching for nice 3D’s)

Install and Enjoy 😉

******** INSTALL IN README ********


Screens by: MrFive [DTD]
Base Model: CG
Interior Adaptation: Asyr0n (from Forza)
Adapted & Rigged: Asyr0n

Download mod

File File size
7z Ferrari F355 Spider 1994 - V1.2 60 MB

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