2016 Acura NSX [Add-On / FiveM | LODs] 1.0

2016 Acura NSX [Add-On / FiveM | LODs] 1.0

2016 Acura NSX

In-Game Features:

– High quality Engine and Interiors.
– Vehicle lights are working like how it looks like in real life.
– Working dials.
– Vehicle is using Dirt mapping.
– Ped can use steering wheel.
– Vehicle [LODS]: L0, L1, L2, L3, L4
– Vehicle is fully supported damaged parts.
– breakable glasses
– New custom handling

Before you install this mod you need to download those mods first:

heap limit adjuster
packfile limit adjuster

To install the mod in story mod:

1. Open “OpenIV
2. Select Grand Theft Auto V
3. Then go to “update.rpf” make a copy in mods folder by pressing “Show in “mods” folder”.
3. Then go to mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks
4. Paste the file (integra) inside this path
5. then go to update > update.rpf > common > data > scroll down and open “dlclist.xml”
6. paste this line with other Items “dlcpacks:/integra/”
7. save and close.
8. Open the game and spawn it by using “TrainerV” then type: integra

To install the mod in Five-M:

copy file “nsx16” in C > FXServer > cfx-server-data-master > resources


Car is converted from: Forza Horizon 4
The whole vehicle got retextured by: Wanted981 aka (Scrapper13)

Download mod

File File size
zip 2016 Acura NSX 47 MB

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