2021 Ford F-450 Platinum [Add-On / FiveM | Tuning| Template | VehFuncs V | Sound] 1.3

2021 Ford F-450 Platinum [Add-On / FiveM | Template | VehFuncs V] 1.1

This model will get small bug fix updates.

-Breakable Glass
-Hands on steering wheel
-3D Engine
-Vehfuncs Capabilities (dials, wipers)
-Animated Sidesteps

Installation for add-on:

1. Create a new folder called f450plat in dlcpacks.
2. Drop dlc.rpf from f450plat file inside.
3. Edit dlclist (mods>update>update.rpf>common>data>) and add this line-
4. Export dlclist back into game and enjoy

Do the same thing for the sound folder that is included.

Spawn code is: f450plat


Model: Forza Horizon 5
Converted By: TacoPoPo
Tire From: ISX_15
Custom handling by: Aquaphobic
Custom Sound by: Aquaphobic

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zip 2021 Ford F-450 v1.3 93 MB

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