Blaine County Sheriff Pack [Add-On | EUP] 1.0b

Blaine County Sheriff Pack [Add-On | EUP] 1.0b

This pack is not compatible with NVE due to changes it does to the vanilla vehicle colors
(partially mapped vehicle liveries will have mismatched tones of white),
if you intent on using both, restore the carcols.ymt located in mods\update\update.rpf\x64\data back to vanilla.

My own take on a law enforcement agency for Blaine County, featuring various highly polished and optimized vehicles with brand new assets, peds and more.

This pack includes:

– BCSD Scout – bcsheriffscout
– BCSD Alamo – bcsheriffalamo
– BCSD Bison – bcsheriffbison
– BCSD Yosemite – bcsheriffyos
– BCSD Riot – bcsheriffswat
– BCSD Frogger – bcsheriffheli
– BCSD Wintergreen – bcsheriffb

– BCSD Deputy – s_m_y_bcsheriff_01
– BCSD Female Deputy – s_f_y_bcsheriff_01
– BCSD Motor Deputy – s_m_y_bcsheriffb_01
– BCSD SWAT – s_m_y_bcsheriffswat_01

– Building retextures to turn the LSSD stations into BCSD ones
– Cargen edits to have the right vehicles spawning at the stations
– EUP content
– Optional alternative liveries in a slightly different style (see last 3 pics)

Instructions for the installation are included in the ReadMe

Before you start with the installation make sure you have a good gameconfig and it’s requirements installed:

Custom Gameconfig
Heap Limit Adjuster
Packfile Limit Adjuster


11john11 – assembly, lightbar, console, antennas, vehicle mapping, pushbar wraparound, Alamo improvements, LED modules, building retextures, screenshots, ped edits, liveries, sirensettings, handling edits, ALPR polycount optimizations, anything else not mentioned in the credits
AlexanderLB, Stryfaar – 2D assets, original concept
Nacho/Nachtfliege – Yosemite fixes, spotlights, LED modules, partition, holster model
w/ – Wintergreen model, speed radar, Alamo LED modules, Riot halogen modules, helicopter FLIR and spotlight
GCT – Scout, Yosemite, original short Granger model
Thundersmacker – improved Bison model
Dani02- conversion of the Scout, Yosemite and improved Bison to V
Vx5 Voltage- Scout improvements
IlayArye – Alamo, improved Yosemite, lightbar feet
Voit Turyv – LED modules
Skitty – siren controller, ALPRs
RooST4R – wheel models, fixed Bison grille normals
Stryfaar, Vx5 Voltage, Olanov, Custo, Unmutual – ped assets
Fenton – Riot improvements
Jacobmaate – cut Alamo bumper
Allen – center cap for the Scout rims
RED-ITA – cargens, feedback
Crizby – MDC screen
Alex Ashfold – original EUP textures, radio retexture
Eddlm – handlings
Crunchycat – screenshots
Pieske – main picture
UkeyS – media
PNWParksFan – the amazing LiveLights plugin, which helped with development a lot.

Download mod

File File size
zip BCSD Pack 1.0b 59 MB

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