Bravado Buffalo Fire Department Pack [ADDON] 1.0

Bravado Buffalo Fire Department Pack [ADDON] 1.0

When we think about fire departments, we mainly think about big trucks, vans and that kind of stuff. But we always forget there’s something called “staff/chief cars”, well then, here we are with yet another pack inspired by that. This time it was the Buffalo’s turn.

This is a Buffalo A/C and Buffalo S pack inspired by various lore friendly fire departments. Both models are separated in different agencies such as the LSFD, the LSCOFD and the BCFD.

9 Buffalo A/C and Buffalo S variants:
-2 LSFD Buffalo A/C (marked and unmarked)
-1 BCFD Buffalo A/C
-1 LSCOFD Buffalo A/C
-2 LSFD Buffalo S (marked and unmarked)
-1 BCFD Buffalo S
-2 LSCOFD Buffalo S (regular and lifeguard)

-Drag the mod folder into your dlcpacks folder and add “firebuffalo” into your dlclist.xml using OPENIV


For the Buffalo A/C

Voit Turyv: Consent, model, mapping, templating, emergency lighting setups
Eddlm: Custom handling.
LamboFreak: Custom soundbank.
Vx5Voltage: Police console
Monkeypolice188: Additional soundbank help
11john11 and FrstRspndr: County Decals

For the Buffalo S

Dani02: Stock Buffalo S
Bravo-One-Charlie: Black Grille
TheF3nt0n: Mapping
Jacobmaate: Fortitude lightbar
LamboFreak: Redesign of headlight
VanZandt: Some parts on the lifeguard livery
Vx5Voltage: Police console
AlexanderLB: Buffalo badges
11john11 and FrstRspndr: County Decals

Download mod

File File size
zip firebuffalo 32 MB

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