Bravado Greenwood Police Classic [ Add-On | LODs | Sounds ] 1.0

Bravado Greenwood Police Classic [ Add-On | LODs | Sounds ] 1.0

“If you were a legitimate businessman working in the narcotics trade, or a true patriot running moonshine across county lines at the tail end of the 70s, then the chances of seeing one of these in your rearview, sirens blurring, red lights flashing, were probably high. The Bravado Greenwood. An American classic among ghetto gang bangers, cartel drug pushers, red neck brewers, and the many mustached lawmen, rookie dicks, not so discreet Feds who’s sole job was to take their bribe money and look the other way! Yes, Its iconic carbon polluting legacy will always live on in America’s heart. Be it on the big and silver screens, or in PTSD riddled memories of one-time felons subjected to some night stick persuasion in the back seats…”

A (fanon) take on a lore friendly police incarnation of the Bravado Greenwood classic sedan recently added by Rockstar as part of the Criminal Enterprises update. Inspired by real Southern CA police vehicles of the 1970s/early 1980s, as well as many classic movies and TV show’s the real iconic cop cladded Dodge Monaco and Plymouth Furies appeared in!

Included in this mod are the following models:

– LSPD Police Greenwood (polgreenwd)
– LSSD Sheriffs Greenwood (shergreenwd)
– Detectives Unmarked Greenwood (dickgreenwd)
– Undercover FIB Greenwood (fbigreenwd)

– All basic vehicle functions: breaking glass, shards, dirt mapping, proper LODs etc
– Bug fixes, adjustments, and minor tweaks/improvements to the base Bravado Greenwood model by Rockstar Games
– Fully colorable interior, complete with 70s & 80s inspired spawn colour variations!
– Retro themed police equipment, designed to be simplistic and as friendly to vanilla Rockstar lore style as possible
– Custom carcols.meta for classic siren lights!
– Custom audio soundbank, compelete with the original Greenwood engine SFX and old sounding sirens!
– Standalone DLC package installation

Planned pipeline updates for this mod include:

– Alternating light bar extras for the Police and Sheriffs models (similar to the vanilla GTA V Police & Sheriff Cruisers)
– Additional soundbank Improvements, with newer, unique siren audio files!
– (Optional) Add-on retro style exempt licence plates
– (Optional) Classic whitewall tyres for the FIB Greenwood model
– San Andreas Highway Patrol/Los Santos Highway Patrol Greenwood model


– Rockstar Games – Original Vehicle, Prop/Equipment, Paintable Interior Textures

– Vx5 Voltage – Texture Improvements and Enhancements

– Rockstar Games – Original Bravado Greenwood Model, Vehicle Parts, Trunk Equipment Props, Interior Extra Props

– Vx5 Voltage – Model Tweaks and Overhaul, Partial Mapping, Kakagawa Radio Scanner

– w/, Vx5 Voltage – Lore Friendly Aerodynic Style Lightbar

– 11John11, Vx5 Voltage – Lore Friendly Fireball/Kojak Style Beacon Light

– Nacho – Edited Pranger Pushbar, Spike Strip Prop

– Vx5 Voltage – Vehicles.meta, Carcols.meta, Dlctext, Handling.meta and Carvariations.meta edits

– Vx5 Voltage – Audio Soundbank

– 11John11 – Reference Image Sourcing, Feedback

– Sealyx, Crunchycat, Nee – Screenshots

Download mod

File File size
rar Bravado Pol Greenwd V.1.0 20 MB

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