Declasse Brigham Police Cruiser Minipack [Add-On] V1.1

Declasse Brigham Police Cruiser Minipack [Add-On] V1.0

Wether you are a soon-to-retire cop or a newie with a cool haircut and sunglasses thinking that is the boss of the streets, Declasse got you covered with a huge ass sedan that took corners like a container ship but was confortable enough when you had to sit on it for hours in front of a donut shop. Thought what Declasse didn’t anticipated is how iconic this car would become, of course this is before the Vapid Stanier appeared and dethroned Declasse in the police car market

Christmas is here folks, and what better way to celebrate than with a cool late 80s sedan. This is a minipack I had on reserve since summer but never gave the focus it deserved, and now is finished, just before the year’s over, I hope you enjoy driving around in a brown detective car while your old partner gives you a lecture on how you don’t have to act tought to be a good cop

3 Declasse Brigham Police Cars:

-LSPD Patrol Car
-Unmarked Cruiser
-LSSD Cruiser

-Drag the mod folder into your dlcpacks folder and add “neo_lspdbrigham” into your dlclist.xml using OPENIV


Brigham Model
-Carface, GCT: Original GTA IV model
-Dani02: Conversion to V, Admiral Classic middle brakelight
-FatherMcKenzie: Redesign
-RooST4R: rims
-M4K3: Engine block water cap
-Weeby: L0 upscale, modelling, other edits and assembly

Parts and Equipment
-11john11: Antennas, Console, Updated Coplite, Pushbar, help with sirensettings and LiveLights plugin
-Voltage: Aerodynic Lightbar
-Adam, Bouncealot, neogeo39: Jetstream lightbar and edits
-neogeo39: Force4 lightbar edits, TA edits, Liveries, Screenshots
-Weeby, Nacho: Radio, Trunk Equipment, Shotgun, Mapping
-Rockstar Games: various props
-Nacho: halogen emmissive texture
-BravoOneCharlie: retro style Exempt plates
-AlexanderLB: Various decals
-11john11’s modding team: Beta Testing, advice and help

Download mod

File File size
zip neo_lspdbrigham_fix 16 MB

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