Declasse Moonbeam BOSOZOKU STYLE [replace]

Declasse Moonbeam BOSOZOKU STYLE [replace]

Benny’s description:
“If the moonbeam custom is ‘too bland’ in your opinion, if it doesn’t scream ‘[email protected]!& THE POLICE!!!’ and/or ‘I’M A DIE-HARD WEEABOO’ loud enough, then this is the ride for you!
note: anime, manga, and hentai are NOT included!”

this is still a work in progress, there are some holes and imperfections through out the model, but i will fix them as time progresses.

some parts (speakers, plaques, hydraulics, license plate frames, and the spare tire/ladder are bugged and will cause black triangles to streak and spaz out across the sky (PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS!!!!)

how to install:

-go to the “search” in “OpenIV
-type in “moonbeam.yft” in the string
-click “search”
-click on the first option (add the folder to your mods folder if necessary)
-repeat previous step with the second option in the search results”
-replace “moonbeam2.yft” and “moonbeam2 hi.yft” with the files given (make sure you replace the files in BOTH FOLDERS!!!)
-run the game and enjoy a slice of Japanese car culture!!!



Download mod

File File size
zip bosobeam 7 MB

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